When you’re spending time outdoors, it’s more than likely that you will end up in an area where there is no artificial light when it starts to get dark. As the sun sets, you’ll need a powerful flashlight to help you to see what you’re doing. Here, you’ll find the best flashlights for tactical and military use with powerful lumens output, long lasting batteries and reliable operation. Features such as waterproof build structure and different light colors will offer you additional benefits. Be careful to check how heavy the flashlight is however as some can be weighty and will add to the load that you already have to carry. Look out for flashlights that are the waterproof and heavy duty as these will be the most durable. Some flashlights require special batteries whilst others have more sustainable charging options so you should check out the battery operation too.

Tactical Pens

 tactical pensBeing able to make markings is an essential part of survival in the wilderness. Leaving a trail will help you to find your way back to your camp if you get lost and it will mean that you don’t need to rely on being able to find suitable natural marking materials. Tactical pens are special as they are made from stronger materials such as aircraft grade metals. You can also use these pens in any weather condition as they are usually made so that they will work even at lower or extremely high temperatures. With special ergonomic grip designs, you won’t even need to leave the pen in your tactical kit when you get home as these pens make great writing implements even around the home. Look out for pens that can write in bad weather conditions and ones that are capable of withstanding particularly hot or cold temperatures. You should also ensure that the tactical pen is made from tough material so that it will not break or crack easily.

Tactical Tomahawks

 tactical tomahawkTomahawks have been used for thousands of years, and they are still used today. The reason humanity used them for so long is that they are reliable in different situations. The modern tomahawk relies on the ancient design but adds modern features to it. This makes the best tactical tomahawks formidable tools with many uses. You can use one in a survival situation for cutting and splitting wood, digging holes, as a hammer, or as a spike. Some models can actually help you light the fire.

You can also use a tomahawk in a tactical situation. It can act as a lever for breaching doors if you want a subtle approach, or for smashing doors open if you want a less subtle but quicker one. They can be used to remove obstacles and as a self-defense weapon when needed. Read our tactical tomahawk reviews to learn all there is to know about this modern tool.


Knives are really important tools to have when you’re outdoors. From cutting down shrubbery to clear a path to prepare food and starting fires, a good knife will be a great companion. Tacticals.org has plenty of different tactical knives to choose from so that you can purchase the best one for your needs. It is important that you know exactly what kind of knife you need before you start to look through as there are so many. It is often a good idea to buy a set of knives or several different kinds of knives so that you have a tool for every task. Folding knives can mean that you save space in your backpack, whilst having a safer option too. You can even get hunting knives that will allow you to kill and even cook for survival.

Look out for knives with the strongest blades, as these items will be the ones that require the least maintenance or sharpening and are perfect when you are out on a mission. You should also look for knives that come with protective sheathing and folding blades, as these will be less likely to damage your backpack or cause injury whilst you are transporting them.