10 Best Tactical Backpacks – (Reviews & Ultimate Guide 2020)

When you are looking for the right tactical backpack for your needs, you should try to look at all the different properties that you may what the backpack to have. Different users have their own individual needs when it comes to tactical backpacks so it is a good idea to look at several different backpacks to see which one would be the most suitable for your needs. Check out these useful tactical backpacks and the buying guide to find out which backpack would be best for you. We have compiled the best tactical backpacks reviews to give you an idea of what is available to purchase and so that you can get a good idea of what you could buy.

5.11 Tactical Rush 24-Back Pack

5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Back Pack

  • Price: $$
  • Color: Sandstone
  • Material: 1050D Nylon
  • Capacity: 2275 cubic inch
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5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack

5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack

  • Price: $$
  • Color: Black
  • Material: 15D nylon
  • Capacity: 2894 cubic inches
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Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger

Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger

  • Price: $$
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Fabric/Nylon
  • Capacity: 618 cubic inches
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3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack MOLLE Compatible for Military Gear, Laptops,Travel, Man Bag

3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack

  • Price: $
  • Color: Black
  • Material: 600 D PVC backed nylon
  • Capacity: 1628 cubic inches
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OUTGEAR Military MOLLE Assault Rucksacks 3-Days

OUTGEAR Military MOLLE Assault Rucksacks 3-Days

  • Price: $
  • Color: O.D. Green
  • Material: 600D Polyester
  • Capacity: 3038 cubic inches
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5.11 Tactical.56997 Adult's All Hazards Prime Bag

5.11 Tactical.56997 Adult’s All Hazards Prime Bag

  • Price: $$$
  • Color: Double Tap
  • Material: Durable high-grade material
  • Capacity: about 2500 cubic inches
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Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack

Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack

  • Price: $$$
  • Color: Multicam
  • Material: 1000 denier nylon
  • Capacity: 2150 cubic inches
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Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack

Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack

  • Price: $$$
  • Color: MultiCam
  • Material: 100% Cordura 500D
  • Capacity: 1525 cubic inches
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Best Tactical Backpack Reviews

1. 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Back Pack

5.11 Tactical Rush 24-Back PackWhen you want a high-quality tactical backpack for a 24-hour mission, the Rush 24 is the tactical backpack for you! This is a backpack that has plenty of storage compartments, allowing you to organize your items perfectly. Thanks to the great design, this backpack won’t slow you down.

In the main compartment, you’ll find 3 mesh pockets, which are great for keeping your gear organized. Smaller items can be found much faster when you store them in this way. So that you don’t have to stop to have a drink, you can make use of the hydration compartment. This padded compartment allows you to carry water in your backpack and drink it without having to take anything out of the backpack.

There is a fleece-lined eyewear pocket so that you can keep sunglasses safe when you’re not wearing them. There are also 2 zipped side compartments so that you can store all your smaller gear for easy access. This is a backpack that is highly useful for a 24-hour mission and you can add further compartments if you wish as this backpack is Molle compatible. A grab handle at the top of the backpack adds further to the backpack’s convenience.

2. 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack

5.11 Tactical Rush 72 BackpackIf you need a backpack that can carry enough supplies and gear for a 3-day mission, the Tactical Rush 72 backpack is for you. This military style backpack is strong and has been designed with all the compartments that you could possibly need in order to store all your things in an organized manner.

There are two main compartments that are roomy and large enough to keep clean and dirty items separate for example. The compression strap system allows you to expand or compress the backpack, as you need to so that it could be used for a 1 or a 3-day mission with ease.

To the front of the backpack, there is an organizer panel section, which has enough space for all the smaller pieces of gear that you may have. There is a magazine holder where you can keep maps and other travel documents and a key fob to keep your keys secure whilst you are traveling. Three mesh zippered pockets in the main compartment allow you to store any more valuable items. The storage pockets on the sides of this backpack are large enough to store things like water bottles so that you can grab them easily without having to open up the main backpack compartments.

3. Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger

Maxpedition Sitka GearslingerIf you want a backpack that is built to last, the Sitka Gearslinger is so rugged that it is virtually indestructible. This backpack places less strain on the shoulders and is easier to simply throw on thanks to the sling design. This features a single strap that also allows you to swing the backpack around to the front of you without even needing to take it off your back. The strap is designed so the backpack can be worn over the left-hand shoulder.

There is a large main compartment, which is large enough to carry all your essential gear, as well as a hydration pocket. The hydration compartment is compatible with CCW accessories so that you can take a water pack with you. This means you can carry water around with you, taking a drink whenever you need to without even taking the backpack off your back. There is also a top front and bottom front compartment, which can be used for organizing smaller items. The backpack itself is made from a strong waterproof material, which is also abrasion resistant so you can be sure that it is built to last. Closed cell padding within the lining of the backpack makes this a comfortable accessory to wear.

4. 3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack

3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack MOLLE Compatible for Military Gear, Laptops,Travel, Man BagThis backpack is one of the most versatile on the market today. Thanks to the 4 separate main compartments, there is ample room for plenty of supplies, gear and equipment and you can make full use of the organization possibilities that this backpack offers. This high-quality backpack is made from 600D nylon, which is PVC backed to ensure that it is as waterproof as possible. Waterproof tactical backpacks ensure that the backpack will last a long time even if you take it out in the rain, whilst keeping water out of the backpack ensures that your possessions will not be damaged by moisture.

The compartments are zippered to ensure that nothing can fall out of the backpack and you can fully adjust the straps on this backpack too. The padding that is built into the lining and the shoulder straps of this backpack ensure that you will be comfortable wearing it. There is even an internal organizer so that you can take pens, a planner and even electronic devices without them becoming lost at the bottom of the backpack. You can be sure that this backpack will last you forever thanks to the lifetime warranty offered by the manufacturer.

5. OUTGEAR Military MOLLE Assault Rucksacks 3-Days

OUTGEAR Military MOLLE Assault Rucksacks 3-DaysThe Outgear Military assault rucksack is the perfect choice for anyone going hiking outdoors and is even great for climbing and outdoor sports. As this is a large 3-day backpack, it is perfect for those longer breaks, but if you only need to use it for 1 or 2 days, this backpack has compression straps. These straps can be tightened to compress the size of the backpack if you don’t need to use its full capacity. It also helps to keep the contents of the backpack steady and secure. This backpack can carry up to 40 liters of gear at its full capacity.

All the compartments in this backpack have drainage grommets. These allow any water or fluid to leak quickly out of the backpack and this ensures that your belongings do not become water damaged in the backpack. A hydration pocket allows you to take water with you. This is essential when you want to keep drinking water whilst on the move. The hydration pocket can carry either a 2 or 3-liter hydration pack. The main compartments of this backpack feature mesh pockets, equipment straps to secure items in place and a double zipper fastener so that you can use a padlock if you wish.

6. 5.11 Tactical.56997 Adult’s All Hazards Prime Bag

5.11 Tactical.56997 Adult's All Hazards Prime BagThe All Hazards Prime tactical backpack is a great choice if you are looking for a backpack that is built to last and one that will allow you to take all your tactical gear with you. As this backpack was designed with help from members of the military, it has been made to military specifications. The manufacturer has taken tactical survival into account when making it. Thanks to the way that the compartments have been laid out in this backpack, you can be sure that you can keep your belongings organized as efficiently as possible. You’ll be able to grab exactly what you need at a moment’s notice whether you’re in a hurry or not.

There are two main compartments, which allow you to keep plenty of things with you whilst on the field, and the hi-vis lining ensures that you will be safe whilst walking, even in darker or low visibility conditions. So that you can stay hydrated on the move, you can make use of the useful hydration pocket. There is also a place to store a medical kit, which is a must-have when you are outdoors. For expansion, this backpack is compatible with Molle accessories. You can even stash your ammo in this backpack using the ammo mule.

7. Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack

Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting PackThis is the Halftrack backpack from Eberlestock and it is one of the best tactical backpacks to purchase for necessity. It is capable of carrying heavy loads, so if you enjoy outdoor sports and even hunting, this may be the perfect backpack for you. This backpack is made of the highest quality and most durable material because of its original purpose. As it was designed for carrying military equipment like guns, it is certainly heavy enough to take whatever you need to.

The compartments and pockets on this backpack are laid out carefully to make it as simple as possible to use. There are plenty of internal easy access compartments in the main compartment so that you can keep smaller items close at hand. A special ripcord tether system is included at the top of the backpack. Unlike most other backpacks on the market, this actually gives you the means to carry larger items that won’t fit in the main compartment. You can fit a bow or a rifle in this ripcord holder and when you want to use it, you don’t even have to take the backpack off your back. As it is carried across the top of your shoulders, it doesn’t even make the backpack heavier. All in all, it can be considered one of the best military tactical backpacks.

8. Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack

Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical BackpackThis backpack is just what you need if you’re looking for a roomy backpack that looks good as well as being made to military specification. It offers buyers the option of choosing a camo or solid color, which means that it’s perfect for anyone who wants a good quality backpack for outdoor use. This backpack is not only great for when you are outdoors but thanks to its ability to safely carry a 15-inch laptop and tablet, it can be used every day for work, school or personal use.

There is a hydration pocket built into this backpack so that you can stay hydrated on the move without having to take your backpack off and the solid base in this backpack means that all your possessions will be secure and protected whilst they are in it.

If you need to take quite a lot of gear and supplies with you, this backpack is suitable for a 2-day mission, which makes it suitable for patrol and tactical purposes. Thanks to an advanced vent system, this backpack is comfortable to carry. The contoured foam padding makes it even more enjoyable to wear. The egg-shaped design is intentional, as it leaves the waist free so that you can wear tactical belts whilst carrying the backpack.

9. Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack

Maxpedition Falcon-II BackpackThe Falcon II Backpack is one of the most sought-after tactical backpacks around. It is a backpack that has everything you could possibly need – it’s durable, ergonomic, affordable and designed to military specification. The material that this backpack is constructed with is not only strong, but it is also scratch and abrasion resistant and is waterproof. This 1050 denier material ensures that the backpack keeps its shape well. There is also padding in the shoulder straps for comfort and to keep the weight away from the shoulders and lower back, there are sternum and lumbar support straps too. This backpack is one of the best to wear when you are going to be traveling around wearing a backpack.

This model of the backpack has more compartments than ever before and thanks to the layered design, you’ll notice that the layout of this backpack is highly intelligent. You can organize all your gear with ease and when you need to access any of your supplies or equipment, you’ll be able to grab it easily. The secure zippers ensure that your items will be secured whilst the layout minimizes the chances of anything becoming damaged within the backpack. You can even take two 3litre water reservoirs with you so that you can stay hydrated.

10. CVLIFE Multifunctional Tactical Backpack

CVLIFE Multifunctional Tactical BackpackThe CVLIFE backpack is a great choice for the camping enthusiast. It has been made so that you can take all your hiking and camping gear and is durable enough to take the heavier loads. When you are planning on taking a lot of gear with you, the last thing you want is to choose a backpack that is already heavy, to begin with. That’s why the CVLIFE backpack is built with the most lightweight material around. It is also highly durable and very easy to wear.

The main compartment allows you to store all your tactical gear and several mesh pouches in the main compartment are perfect for storing smaller, more valuable items. For other small items, there are several more small pouches to the front of the backpack including a fleece lined sunglasses pouch. This pouch is located towards the top of the backpack to prevent damage to the eyewear. Molle webbing to the front and sides of this backpack allow you to add any Molle compatible additional accessories, making this a versatile backpack. You can add a hydration pack if you wish for water on the move as this backpack offers a 2-liter hydration pouch.

Tactical Backpack Buying Guide

When you need to take on the great outdoors, you will need to take all your gear with you. Whether you want to take a short trip, or whether you plan to take a longer 3-day hike over the weekend, you should choose the perfect tactical backpack for your needs. This backpack buying guide will help you to determine which will be the best tactical backpack for your needs.

1. Price

Of course, the price will be your number one priority. If you don’t have the funds to purchase a particular backpack, then it is not the right choice for you. You should figure out how much you wish to spend on a backpack. If you need something that is going to be durable and long-lasting, we recommend that you try to set aside around $100 so that you can purchase something that is adequate for your needs. Obviously, the larger your budget, the better the backpack you will be able to afford your money.

If you have a lower budget, you will probably only be able to afford a lower end backpack. These backpacks tend to have slightly inferior and cheaper material and they are likely to be smaller than the average capacity. A larger budget will be able to get you a more sturdy and durable backpack. These stronger backpacks often have a waterproof construction so that you can use them in all terrains. They also have better features and more storage space. This is why it is always a good idea to try to buy the most expensive backpack that you can afford. If you have a little money left over once you have purchased your backpack, there are plenty of accessories that you can purchase too in order to enhance the functionality of your backpack.

2. Features

There are all kinds of useful features that you can expect from a backpack. You should think about the features that you might require. Molle webbing and Molle Rings allow you to take more gear with you. If you like modular backpacks, then you should certainly look out for backpacks that are compatible with Molle accessories. These accessories allow you to add pouches and pockets to your backpack so that you can take more gear with you when you need to. You could even purchase the backpack now and then purchase the add-on accessories as and when you can afford them.

A water bladder is an essential accessory if you like taking unbroken walks. If you’ve ever had to stop to take a drink, you’ll know how inconvenient it can be to have to stop so that you can take your backpack off and find your water bottle. With a water bladder, you can take a sip whenever you need to, even whilst you are walking. These accessories fit neatly into a specially made pouch in the backpack. You will usually need to purchase these accessories separately, but up to 2.5-liter capacity ensures that you can continue to drink whenever you’re thirsty without slowing yourself or the rest of the group down.

Rain covers can be a useful feature to have with a tactical backpack. If you purchase a backpack that is made from a lightweight cloth material, you may find that the backpack itself isn’t very waterproof. Some of these backpacks come with a separate rain cover that rolls conveniently into a side pocket for easy transportation when you don’t need it. Of course, you could simply choose a tactical backpack that has actually been made with a waterproof material so you don’t need to carry the additional accessory.best tactical backpacks

3. Storage Options

You will need to think carefully about how long you need your backpack to last for. Do you plan on taking single day hikes with your backpack or are you likely to need to use it for several days in a row? Many backpacks are made for a certain number of days use and they will often tell you how much storage capacity they have based on both liters and days. If you are likely to use the backpack for both longer and shorter hikes, you should purchase the largest backpack that you think you will need.

Internal compartments are useful for storing your clothing and other larger items such as blankets and first aid kits. If you are going to be making longer hiking trips, you should choose a backpack that has several larger compartments, This will help you to keep your things organized and will offer you a means of separating dirty items as they become used. You can also find backpacks that have expanding compartments to offer more versatility with storage space.

Smaller pouches and hidden internal pockets are great for storing your smaller gear. You will probably need quite a number of these storage compartments, so keep an eye out for the backpacks with a lot of smaller pockets. You will often find that these pockets have a variety of fastenings from zippered with Velcro to keep items secured. External pockets can be especially useful for those essential items that you need to grab at a moment’s notice.

Double zippers are essential for security. Some backpacks only have Velcro or hook and loop fasteners to secure compartments, but if you want to be sure that you can secure your gear whilst you are carrying it, double zippers are the best. These allow you to use a padlock to prevent your backpack from being tampered with.

4. Construction and Material

There are different construction methods that you can expect from tactical backpacks. From seamless to army regulation backpacks, you will find exactly what you are looking for when you browse the many useful backpacks that are available to buy online.

Seamless backpacks are usually made out of a waterproof nylon material. This material is strong and will not tear or snag. The backpacks are often made to be seamless to further prevent water from getting into the backpack. If you want a durable backpack that is suitable for all terrains, this is the best kind of backpack for you.

If you want a slightly cheaper option, there are plenty of backpacks that have waterproof construction material but they do not have seamless construction. Although these aren’t as watertight as the seamless backpacks, they are still highly effective in keeping moisture out of the backpack.

For the warmer climates and drier weather, it can be an idea to choose a backpack that is more breathable. When you are carrying a nylon backpack around all day, your back can become uncomfortably hot, especially when it isn’t even raining and the weather is warm. A cloth material backpack would be more appropriate in this situation.

Depending on the quality of the material, these can be quite lightweight but strong at the same time and are often more comfortable to carry around than the waterproof backpacks. If you think that you may hit a rainy patch, you can take a rain cover with you if you wish.

If you want a tactical backpack for military use, look out for the ones that have been made to suit military requirements. These are usually in official colors for the military too.

5. Balancing the Load

When you are going to be using the backpack outdoors, it is likely that you will be wearing it for prolonged lengths of time. If you are planning to wear the backpack for more than a few hours, it is important that you choose one that has been designed with comfort in mind. The more luxurious backpacks come with padding in the lining and especially along the back of the backpack. This stops the backpack from rubbing your back and causing any back pain. Most backpacks also have pads in the shoulders too in order to stop rubbing.

It is important that you buy a backpack that is the right size for you. Remember that ladies and men’s backpacks are designed to fit the body type of each gender and are not simply designed to look more feminine or masculine. You should choose a backpack that is made for your size and gender if you want to ensure that you will not suffer a bad back from carrying a backpack that has not been made to suit your back length. When you put the backpack on, you should be able to adjust the shoulder straps so that it can fit snugly on your shoulders. This will stop the backpack from being unstable and wobbly.

Sternum straps and waist straps are a must, especially if you are planning on taking all your tactical gear with you. The sternum strap fastens across the chest and takes the stress away from the upper back and shoulders. The waist strap secures the base of the backpack to your hips and transfers the weight from the bottom of your back and instead to your hips. You can also purchase a sling or one-shoulder style backpacks, which are sometimes a suitable choice if you need a 24-hour backpack.

Best Tactical Backpacks Comparison Chart

5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Back Pack
$$Sandstone1050D Nylon2275 cubic inch / 37 liter
5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack
$$Black15D Nylon2894 cubic inches
Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger
$$BlackFabric/Nylon618 cubic inches
3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack $Black600 D PVC backed nylon1628 cubic inches
Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack
$$Dark BrownFabric/Nylon1520 cubic inches
OUTGEAR® MILITARY MOLLE ASSAULT RUCKSACKS 3-DAYS$O.D. Green600D Polyester3038 cubic inches
5.11 Tactical.56997 Adult's All Hazards Prime Bag
$$$Double TapDurable high grade materialabout 2500 cubic inches
Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack
$$$Multicam1000 denier nylon2150 cubic inches
Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack
$$$Multicam100% Cordura 500D25+ liter

Bottom Line

A tactical backpack is a must-have accessory when you are taking part in any outdoor pursuits. They can also be useful if you cycle a lot and need to take your things with you and there are people who take them to the office too as they are convenient for carrying laptops and other office items.

If you like the look of any of the backpacks in our tactical backpack reviews, you could check out Amazon to find out more information or to find more reviews. If you are still struggling to make a decision, it is a good idea to read through the buying guide again and make sure that you can narrow down your options by selecting only the backpacks that are perfectly suited to your needs.

Remember to look out for padded linings and shoulder straps and additional sternum and waist straps to ensure that the backpack that you purchase will be as comfortable as possible.

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