Bushnell Optics TRS-25 HiRise Red Dot Sight

The Bushnell TRS-25 is a lightweight red dot sight that comes with a riser block, making a suitable aiming solution if you’re looking for something that can co-witness your AR15’s stock iron sights.


One of the good things about this model is that it’s specially designed to improve your target acquisition time and accuracy. This unit comes with 11 brightness settings that will allow you to use it in any kind of light conditions. The dimmest light intensity setting will provide a red dot that’s bright enough to use in low-light conditions, while the brightest intensity will produce a red dot bright enough to use even on sunny days at noon.

Switching from one intensity setting is easily done with the help of the intensity knob on the side of the unit. The knob might seem slightly difficult to turn, but that’s just how it’s designed. Thanks to its slightly difficult turn, the dot’s intensity setting won’t change accidentally when you bump the sight into something or when you drop your rifle.

Bushnell-Optics-TRS-25-HiRise-Red-Dot-Riflescope-with-Riser-Block,-1x25mmThis red dot sight comes with a self-regulating feature that will save the battery. When this function is enabled, the sight will automatically dim the red dot’s brightness when you pass through shaded places and power it up when it’s exposed to a lot of light. This feature will also shut off the sight when you cover it with the storage hood to prevent any accidental battery drains.

Another good thing about this red dot sight is that it comes with soft rubber lens covers. Using the lens covers when the sight is not in use will protect the lenses from scratches and abrasions, making them more reliable in the long run. The sight’s objective lens is 25mm, so it’s rather small, making a scratch on its surface an impediment to how clear you’ll see the red dot afterward.

The sight comes with adjustable windage and elevation settings. You can change both the windage and the elevation using a small tool like a screwdriver, but you can also use a piece of brass or a spent shell for that matter. The unit’s mount is compatible with Picatinny rails, so you will be able to install it on your AR15 without having to invest in an adapter platform.

We especially liked the feel of the Bushnell TRS-25 on the AR 15. The sight is small and lightweight, and it seems like a toy when you install it on the rifle. However, every thought about it being a toy is gone once you start using it. The sight can co-witness the AR’s stock iron sights if you use a medium riser, and it provides a clear and crisp image of the red dot. The lens’ amber coating gathers the light beautifully, making the Bushnell a reliable unit in low-light conditions. Changing the dot’s intensity is not difficult, but sometimes the brightness differences between consecutive intensity settings are difficult to spot.

The TRS-25 performs nicely in close to medium ranges. Despite its small size, this unit is fairly durable and it offers a reliable solution for the AR15. The fact the unit is waterproofed, shock-proofed, and fog-proofed is an advantage, and you will be able to use the sights with precision and accuracy in all kind of shooting conditions.

Even though this is a reliable red dot sight, you might still encounter some problems when using it. Sometimes, the red dot creates a crescent ring reflection when the intensity setting is above 5. This can be very distracting, and it might affect your target acquisition time and accuracy. However, many customers comment that the reflection only appears when the battery levels are low. Make sure to change the unit’s battery from time to time, and you should avoid experiencing this problem altogether.


All things considered, the Bushnell TRS-25 is a high-value item, especially if you factor in the price. This model is small, compact, and reliable, making it a good solution for those who want to buy a red dot but have a limited budget.