C-More Railway Red Dot Sight

The C-more red dot sight has a tubeless design that will allow you to acquire your target and aim without limiting your field of view. This model offers an unlimited eye-relief, so you can hold it as far away from your eyes as you like.


C-MORE-Systems-Railway-Red-Dot-Sight-with-Click-SwitchA good thing about this model is that it’s made out of a durable polymer that will withstand both the firearm’s recoil and the usual wear and tear in the field without any problems and without losing it’s zero. The sight uses a 26m reflex lens that offers a wide view, enabling you to use the rifle for rapid-fire or to track a moving target.

Another good thing is that the sight’s lens comes with an anti-glare reflective coating which will allow you to use the unit in all times of light conditions without having to worry about glares or low-light conditions. The sight uses a 12-position light intensity switch. There are two night-vision options you can choose from, a low-light option, and 8 light intensity settings along with the off position. Switching from one position to another is easily done by turning the knob on the unit’s top.

As far as the night-vision options go, they will allow you to acquire your targets when you have to engage in complete darkness. You might need to exercise for a while before you will find the night-vision options comfortable enough to use with precision, but once you get the hang of it, the process will run smoothly.

This model comes with a very helpful feature. You can remove the red dot sight and remount it on the same rifle without having to re-zero it. This will allow you to switch between using this red dot sight and using a scope without having to lose precious time with zeroing the sight every time you install it. The sight offers an infinite adjustment for both windage and elevation, and it’s easy to make the adjustments. You will only have to twist the positive locking screws until you’re satisfied with the unit’s position, and the sight will maintain this position through the firearm’s recoil.

The sight’s heads-up-display offers you the possibility to acquire your target quickly and precisely. The red dot sight is bright and clear, and you can adjust its intensity every time you think it’s a little fuzzy. Moreover, the red dot has an interchangeable module, so you can change its shape if you want to.

C-MORE Systems Railway Red Dot Sight with Click SwitchThe red dot sight uses one 3-volt battery for power. One battery is supplied by the manufacturer, and you will have to change the battery rarely, even if you use the sight with regularity. The unit comes with multiple diodes, so you can choose between a 2-MOA dot that’s suitable for long-range shooting or a large 6-MOA red dot that is perfect for close to medium distance target acquisition. The 12 and 16 MOA dots are very large, so they might be better suited for shotguns and handguns rather than rifles.

Another good thing about this model is that it’s compatible with all types of rail systems, so you will be able to install it directly on your AR15 without having to spend extra money on an adapter.



Even though this is one of the best red dot sights currently available on the market, it’s still far from perfect. For one, the unit doesn’t come with a rain protection, so you will have a difficult time trying to use it in bad weather conditions. The lack of a protection will expose the HUD to the elements, so the lens will get wet, messing with your aiming. When the water drops hit the lens, you will notice that the display becomes a little distorted, so this might affect your long-range shooting more than it will affect your short-range target acquisition.

Overall, the C-more railway is a very good red dot sight, and it’s suitable for all shooters, from newbies to professionals. Even though it’s more expensive than other models, this unit is well worth its price.