UTG Red/Green Dot Sight

The UTG 3.8” red dot sight is a versatile model that can be installed on a wide range of firearms but truly shines when it’s used on an AR15. This unit is small, compact, and it comes at a great price, so it’s a good choice for anyone who wants to invest in a red dot sight but has a limited budget.


One of the advantages of using this sight is that it comes with both a green and a red 4 MOA reticle. Changing between the red and the green reticle is very easy to do, and you only have to twist the unit’s brightness intensity knob to go from one to another. Both the reticles are easy to spot, and having the possibility to choose between them is an advantage because you can change from one to another depending on your surroundings, making the target acquisition and aiming processes very easy.

UTG Red/Green Dot SightAs far as the brightness intensity is concerned, the UTG red dot sight comes with 5 brightness settings. You can select one of the five settings for both the red and the green reticles, making sure you have a clean and crisp view of the red dot.

Another advantage of using this unit is that it uses non-reflecting emerald coatings for the lenses. The emerald coating will gather and refract the ambient light, no matter how dim the light source is. This will allow you to use the red dot sight with good results in low-light conditions, such as you would encounter at dusk or dawn.

The UTG comes with a set of flip-open lens caps. Using the lens caps will protect the sight’s lenses from scratches and abrasions, and it will make the sight more durable. The sight also comes with a mounting platform that’s compatible with both the Picatinny and the Weaver rails. When you use the mounting platform to install the red dot sight on the AR15, the sight will have the optimal height to co-witness the AR’s stock iron sights. This is an advantage, as it will guarantee you won’t find yourself in a tight spot without a sighting option if the red dot’s batteries run out while you’re on the field. The mounting platform is steady and durable, and the screws that keep it attached to the rail will not come loose while you fire the rifle.

Thanks to the sight’s versatility and its quick-detach design, you will be able to mount the unit quickly on different rifles if you want to.

This sight offers a wide field of view and an unlimited eye relief. This will allow you to use the unit while you’re very much aware of your environment, so you won’t have any problems transitioning from one target to another. These features will also allow you to track a target with ease, and to make precise shots when the target is within range.

Even though it comes in two colors, the UTG’s reticle has only one design, that of a 4 MOA red or green dot encircled in a 30 MOA circle. While this design is known to improve accuracy and precision, some shooters prefer the simple dot over it, so make sure you try it out before deciding on this model.

While this is a reliable red dot sight, some customers complained that the red/green dot is sometimes too intense. This can be a problem if you want to use the sight in low-light conditions or in complete darkness, but it’s definitely an advantage if you want to use it in bright daylight.


Even though it has its downsides, the UTG red and green dot sight is a good model. In fact, this unit can hold its own when compared with some items that cost five times or more than it does, so it’s a very valuable item. Overall, this unit can be used with good results by both professional shooters and beginners alike, and it’s a perfect choice for beginners because it’s cheap and user-friendly.